Building Management Systems (BMS)

Building automation systems (BMS) are focused on specific market segments where demand is having on the specifics of building management. These are office buildings and business parks, high-class hotels, shopping and entertainment centers, large office buildings, buildings with public access (airports, stations, gyms, etc.).

The main objective of this type of systems is to provide reliable management of building installations, to ensure greater comfort for the occupants, to increase the level of energy efficiency through optimization of resources used (mainly heating and cooling energy, distribution of energy consumed by the occupants), helping building management teams in the operation of building systems.

Building automation and information technologies traditionally rely on various infrastructures. Strict separation gradually gave way to increasingly strong convergence of these two areas, but also the integration of engineering equipment for buildings and technology to ensure safety in complex solutions based on IP. A similar convergence of classic IT systems for access control, automated building systems engineering and management solutions for energy management provide companies numerous additional opportunities but create also some risks