The company’s history follows the path of development of a successfully implemented idea. Since the beginning of its activities so far, our technological development and improvement help us achieve our professional goals. We started with the construction of structured cabling systems, and today the company’s activities include design, supply, installation and maintenance of systems for telecommunication infrastructure as well as photovoltaic systems. The final product of our work is an effective solution to a specific problem that meets your needs and fits your vision.


We see communication as an unlimited concept. The form and manner of exchange of information change and improve constantly. Therefore, we are looking for new applications of traditional technologies, developing new ideas and solutions and we introduce high-tech products. We use our knowledge to analyze individual problems and needs. The experience of our team enables us to offer the best customer solutions which subsequently can be implemented.


POLYfields invests time, money and resources needed to ensure the desired quality and growth in a constantly changing market.


Services should complement quality. Only by understanding the needs of its customers the company can provide high quality services and maintain top positions on the market.


We believe that the best way to improve your productivity is to give the people from our team the opportunity to learn and to experience satisfaction from their achievements and contribution to the process.


Long-term success can be guaranteed only by generating new ideas. That is why the company encourages people to be creative and enables them to see the importance of their good ideas as they are being realized.



Design, supply, installation and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructure systems

  • Research and design;
  • Construction of telecommunication sites;
  • External power supply lines low and medium voltage;
  • Installation of antenna-feeder and radio relay systems;
  • Management of electricity consumption;
  • Installation of telecommunication and electrical equipment;
  • Support


We will advise you and provide technical support for any problem that may arise from research and design phase to implementation.
Our company is honest and reliable partner and is structured in accordance with the interests of our customers. So we ensure that they receive the necessary assistance during the entire process from the phase of research and design to final implementation and commissioning of the complete system. We are able to realize all ideas and visions of our customers to expand or optimize an existing system.
We have several offices in the country, service facilities and cars, professional test equipment and engineers specialized in various fields. Professionalism and good internal corporate coordination are essential prerequisites for building trust among our customers. Proof of this is the number of our projects which exceeds 500 up to this moment.


Team of specialists takes the task to analyze and identify the specific need or problem and the correct parameters of the technical scope


After the end of the first phase, when the specialists have good knowledge of the problem, they proceed with preparation of the solution, considering entirely the requirements of the analysis and costumer. They make an offer, where the customer receives technical solution, financial offer and scope of the proposed solution.


A contract is signed, which includes all requirements and details discussed in advance on the basis of the “Proposal”. All the essential parameters are accurately and clearly defined – scope, deadline, detailed pricing and payment terms.


According to the “Proposal”, we design detailed project documentation. It provides final technical solution on the basis of which we prepare complete project.


Once the project is ready and the contract is signed, the process of operations management and implementation is transferred to the Coordinator of the Project, who plans, coordinates and controls the process of implementing your solution.


Once all activities are included in ``implementation plan`` supplied equipment, Polyfields specialists perform installation by adhering strictly to the parameters of the project to ensure high quality performance. The project coordinator gives the customer regular feedback on the progress of the project.

Testing and Training

After finalizing the installations, comes the phase of testing. Each element of the system is measured and checked, and its parameters are included in the measurement protocols that each client receives together with the executive documentation. Customers’ employees responsible for the operation of the new system are trained and given the necessary explanations to be able to work effectively and take full advantage of the capabilities of the implemented solution

Service and Support

POLYfields is responsible for further changes and maintenance of the system after project completion. For this purpose, we can conclude a contract for after-sales service and maintenance.