POLYfields Ltd. researches, surveys, prepares detailed preliminary reports and makes a comprehensive design to determine the necessary activities for the realization of new and existing telecom sites.

POLYfields Ltd. manufactures structures, builds and modernizes infrastructure objects, including telecommunication and radio relay towers, rooftop, field, mobile and base stations for indoor coverage of buildings. Part of the company’s work is also the laying of external electrical lines necessary for constant power supply of telecom stations with low or medium voltage.

POLYfields Ltd. specializes in the supply and installation of various types of antenna-feeder and radio relay systems. It has its own teams of highly qualified specialists and technical equipment necessary for the implementation of installation, settings, test and commissioning of all types of active equipment for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G.

All our teams are equipped with highly passable equipment, which makes it possible to work and maintain base stations regardless of their location.